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Fishing Season: Mar to Oct

ProFish-n-Sea Charters specializes in delivering unforgettable Alaska halibut fishing trips and, over the years, we have built a loyal following. Our captains have pioneered some of Seward's most productive halibut fishing grounds and continue to work tirelessly to provide our clients with the finest Alaska halibut fishing charters available. Instead of heading back to the same fishing spots day after day we are continually on the hunt for new and uncharted places to find the best Alaska halibut fishing action. From remote islands and offshore banks to subtle rocky structures overlooked by other fishermen, we know where to find great halibut fishing in Seward.

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Pacific Halibut
Hippoglossus stenolepis
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Alaska Halibut Fishing Guides

We've found over the years that the difference between an average halibut charter and a great one is often the passion and knowledge of the captain and crew. For our captains, being a halibut fishing guide is a passion and ensuring that our guests have a fun, safe, and productive trip is our priority. Anyone can get lucky and catch a big fish from time to time, but it takes experience, extensive local knowledge, and a love for halibut fishing to produce top catches on a consistent basis.

For us, every day is a brand new adventure and our goal is to make sure your Alaska halibut fishing charter is an unforgettable success so you will want to come back again and again. Whether your dream is to catch a "barn-door" or just to take home some tasty halibut fillets for the barbeque, we will work hard to provide you with the ultimate Alaska halibut fishing trip.

Alaska Halibut Fishing Facts

We're always asked, “How big do Alaskan halibut get?” Halibut are the biggest flatfish in the world, and one of the biggest fish period. The largest sport-caught halibut in Alaska was the whopping 482 pounder caught by a 77 year old angler near Glacier Bay in 2014. Over the years however, there have been reports of much larger halibut that have been caught on commercial gear. Our largest fish of the 2014 season was a 271 pound behemoth landed on Aug. 31st, caught using a salmon head/herring combo with a Seeker Alaskan Series rod and an Avet HX reel. (Find out more about our tackle here.)

The average size of a sport-caught Pacific Halibut in Alaska is around 15 pounds - but fish much larger than that are taken every day, fish plenty big to give you a tough fight! Every season, dozens of lucky fishermen catch halibut over 100 pounds around Seward, Alaska. Last season (2014) we landed 23 halibut over 100 pounds and released a few others

What is a "Shooter"

Halibut are much stronger than they look. Gliding as effortlessly as they do through the water, you’d think they would be easy to land… But don’t be fooled by their usual calm demeanor in the water. Break their head above the surface and you'll awaken an angry thrashing beast! Many unfortunate anglers - and the boats they were on - have been severely thrashed by large halibut that weren't subdued before being dragged into the boat.

For that reason, we normally shoot any halibut over 80 or 100 pounds with a .410 shotgun before hauling them over the side (and before they even break the surface, if possible), hence the name "shooters." Big halibut may also be called "barn-doors," "hogs," or "soakers." Halibut smaller than 20 pounds are often referred to as "chickens".

Whatever the size, we still get a thrill landing these incredible fish - and they’re some of the tastiest fillets on the planet!

Seward Halibut Fishing Trips

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Seward, Alaska is one of the world's premier destinations for halibut fishing, where every trip is an adventure. Book your Alaska halibut fishing trip with ProFish-n-Sea Charters, or find out more about planning your trip.

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