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September 2 – Profish

I haven’t been in the water for several days and hadn’t  even fished on the new Profish untll today. So it was a perfect day to take my kids, my dad, my cousin, and Capt. Jeff out for a day of halibut fishing. Fortunately we had great weather and great fishing! – Capt. Steve  


August 19 – Pursuit 

After taking the day off yesterday due to rough weather Glenn, Matt, and the Rev. had some “catching up” to do. It was no-holds-barred halibut and lingcod fishing with Megan reeling in the fish of the day.  


August 17 – Pursuit 

Today marked the return of the Rev after a ten-year hiatus! Fortunately Royce reeled in a nice halibut and lingcod before we had run from the weather to find a calmer spot.  


August 10th – Pursuit 

Day two was much more productive than the first with the sun shining too. Constantine landeda 194 pound whopper for bragging rights and a new high mark for the boat this year.  Capt. Steve