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  • Whether your dream is to land a monster halibut or simply to catch a fish while in Alaska, we've been dedicated to making anglers' dreams come true for over 20 years.

  • Fun, friendly, hard-working crews with extensive local knowledge.

  • Fast and comfortable boats, loaded with safety equipment and specialized fishing tackle.

  • An exhilirating Alaska fishing experience that your friends and family are sure to remember.

  • Featured in Sport Fishing magazine, Saltwater Sportsmen, and onthe North To Alaska TV show with Larry Csonka.

Alaska Fishing Charters

Your Alaska Fishing Adventure Starts with Us!

A special breed of angler flocks to this nook of the world where Alaska fishing lore was born. In Seward, legendary tales boast of salmon runs so thick you can nearly walk across their backs, halibut so huge they're called "barn-doors," and rockfish so plentiful that fishing for them could just be called "catching." For over 20 years, Captain Steve Zernia and the friendly professional team at ProFish-n-Sea Charters have fished these serene and productive waters bringing these grand tales to life for lucky guests.

Let us take you on a truly unique trip to experience an unforgettable day of halibut or salmon fishing in Seward. Our captains are all friendly long-time Alaskan fishermen with a passion for catching big halibut, lingcod, and salmon. Because, on your long awaited fishing charter we know you want to fish with guides who are as excited and focused on the experience as you are. We operate the newest fleet of vessels in Seward, custom designed for safely and successfully fishing Alaskan waters. So, if you are looking for the ultimate Alaska fishing charter, your search is over!

Let ProFish-n-Sea Charters take you on the Alaskan fishing adventure you've only dreamed of!

Alaska Halibut Fishing

Alaska Halibut Fishing

Fishing Season: Mar to Oct

Halibut - the fish that made us famous! Over the years we've built a loyal following of savvy anglers who come to Seward, Alaska to chase halibut, the largest flatfish in the world. Heated battles with these stealthy bottom predators have been known to tire arms, destroy tackle, and inspire legends.

Our captains have a passion for halibut fishing and for teaching our guests the techniques most likely to pit them one-on-one with a big halibut. Whether it's working a scampi jig in fluttering bursts above the ocean floor to entice a halibut bite or just dropping a juicy-big bait to the bottom and waiting for the strike, we will coach you every step of the way.

Become part of local halibut fishing lore!

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Alaska Salmon Fishing

Alaska Salmon Fishing

Fishing Season: King Salmon Mar to Oct; Silver Salmon Jun to Sep; Sockeye Salmon May to Jul; Pink Salmon Jun to Sep; Chum Salmon May to Aug;

Fishing Season: Mar to Oct

Seward has long been recognized as the Silver Salmon fishing capital of Alaska, and for good reason. The fishing here can be as good now as it ever was, and our captains specialize in consistently finding the action. Our salmon fishing trips are hands-on fishing adventures where you might even encounter multiple species of ocean-fresh salmon in the same location. We have selected tackle on the lighter side allowing you to feel the bite and truly experience the one-on-one fight with these aggressive fish.

Silver Salmon are acrobatic fighters that love to leap and thrash, often making several blistering runs before succumbing to the net. That is, if they don't throw your hook first!

The real beast in these waters is the Alaskan King Salmon. Kings are aptly named for the sheer size they can reach, and catching a King Salmon is on the bucket list of many anglers around the world. There is no place more spectacular to check this chrome-bright prize off your list than Seward, Alaska.

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Alaska Lingcod and Rockfish Trips

Alaska Lingcod Fishing

Fishing Season: Jul to Oct

Lingcod are a fish with an attitude! With sharp backward-angled teeth and giant-gilled heads, lingcod sure look ferocious. Combined with their extremely territorial demeanor, they are skilled at handily shredding any jig dropped their way. While lingcod are often easy to hook, they prove to be an angry adversary at the end of your line. Anglers love them for the fight - and they taste great too, with a succulent white flesh that rivals halibut. You'll often hook colorful rockfish at the same time - the "family friendly" fish that thrill adults and children alike!

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Multi-Species Fishing Charters

Alaska Fishing Trips

Fishing Season: Jul to Oct

Finding it hard to decide what you want to catch? ProFish-n-Sea Charters provides multi-species fishing charters so you can package two fishing adventures into one. Combo charters include Halibut/Salmon and Halibut/Lingcod options. Our boats are fully equipped with an array of specialized tackle, so no matter what you're fishing - or what type of fight you're after we're prepared. Plus, you'll get to take in the fantastic views from multiple locations as we often travel between deep-water and shoreline habitats on the hunt for multiple species of fish.

If you're making the trip to Alaska, you might as well do it right. ProFish-n-Sea Charters will give you a day of multi-species fishing you won't soon forget.

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It's all here in Seward, Alaska with ProFish-n-Sea Charters - the only thing missing is you!

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