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Alaska Lingcod Fishing

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Seward Lingcod & Rockfish Fishing - The Best in the World!

Join us to drift along the craggy coastline and ice-carved fjords in the shadow of Alaska's Chugach Mountains in search of giant lingcod and colorful rockfish. ProFish-n-Sea Charters offers lingcod and rockfish trips in some of the most scenic spots you're likely to ever encounter. A day on the water here is an adventure in itself - but then of course there's the fishing.

Anglers looking for fast action love our lingcod and rockfish charters for the sheer thrill they can provide. Our captains are experts at finding productive rock piles and underwater seamounts where the big lings live. We outfit our boats with sturdy tackle designed to pull these strong fish out the rocks. Our boats each carry a multitude of jigs and special lures designed to maximize your success. Drop a small jig and you may also encounter several varieties of colorful rockfish that call this area home.

Want variety and adventure? Our halibut/lingcod combo trips make a great bottom fishing expedition where we spend much of the day targeting halibut and add some time for lingcod fishing - just in case your arms weren't already tired.

ProFish-n-Sea Charters' Seward, Alaska fishing season

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ProFish-n-Sea Charters' seward, alaska fishing season

Ophiodon elongatus
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Scorpaenidae Family
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Alaska Lingcod Fishing Trips

Now that's a fish! Hidden among the underwater rock pinnacles of Alaska's North Gulf Coast is one of the region's most voracious predators. It certainly looks ferocious - it's actually related to the scorpion fish, not the ling or cod as its name suggests.

Feared by rockfish and savored by local anglers, a lingcod is a fish with an attitude. Alaskan lingcod are slender-bodied bottom dwellers with a mottled orange/brown coloration. Lingcod have large pectoral fins, a huge head, and a gaping bucket-like mouth with rows of sharp backward-sloping teeth. They're big and strong fighters too - we regularly land lingcod of 40 pounds or more (after a good battle, of course).

On our Alaska lingcod fishing trips, ProFish-n-Sea crews target these savvy predators where they live - in the rocks. Lingcod fishing trips are a great experience for anglers seeking a hands-on fishing adventure. Working a jig over the rocky bottom can be a bit of a challenge, but the reward is more than worth it. Lingcod are ambush predators always looking for a fast meal, making them easy to hook but challenging to land.

Alaska Rockfish Charters

Alaska Rockfish charters with ProFish-n-Sea are fun for the whole family. On light tackle, rockfish are a great thrill, perfect for kids and adults alike. Best of all, many colorful varieties of rockfish are available nearly year round in the Seward, Alaska area. Certain varieties such as the very recognizable Yelloweye Rockfish are often found in areas where we typically target halibut and lingcod. For Black Rockfish the action is often fast and furious, but manageable for anglers of any age and experience. Landing a rockfish guarantees a big smile for young and old. The bag limits for rockfish range between one and four fish per person, depending on the exact species and their harvest location.

Seward Lingcod Fishing Trips

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ProFish-n-Sea Charters offers everything you could want to make your Alaska fishing adventure perfect: stunning scenery, a friendly and experienced crew, custom boats and supplied tackle, and of course some of the best fishing on the planet. Make your lingcod and rockfish fishing charter reservations here, or learn more about what you can expect on your Seward fishing trip.

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Meet The Crew

Captain Steve Zernia and the fun, friendly crew at ProFish-n-Sea are dedicated Alaskan fishermen with extensive local knowledge and many years on the water. We have pioneered some of Seward’s most productive fishing grounds and continue to work tirelessly to provide our clients with the finest Alaska fishing charters available.

Anyone might land a catch once in a while but the true measure of a successful Alaska fishing guide is the ablility to produce top catches on a consistent basis. Our captains have a passion for fishing in Alaska and no one knows these waters like we do.

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Boats And Tackle

Our fishing boats are some of the newest and fastest in Seward Alaska's fishing charter fleet. This means we spend less time traveling and more time fishing.

We maintain our charter fishing vessels to the highest possible standards, so on the water nothing is left to chance. We pride ourselves on making our passengers feel comfortable on the water and that starts with vessels that are safe, clean, and well maintained.

We have outfitted our vessels with the very finest fishing tackle which is perfectly matched to the query we target. We have kept both the experienced and novice anglers in mind and outfitted our boats with tackle that is sensitive, relatively lightweight, and very well proven. We have spared no expense to outfit our vessels with everything needed for a successful day on the water.

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