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Alaska Salmon Fishing

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Sportsmen and light-tackle anglers enjoy our Alaska salmon fishing charters for the sheer action they can provide. Schools of wily ocean-bright salmon often feed within sight of the surface at times giving anglers a chance to see them, watch them bite, and set the hook! This is a thrilling experience guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat. Seward boasts one of the largest Silver Salmon runs in the state. Here you can catch feisty acrobatic salmon in the most pristine setting on earth. The fish are here and the expert Alaska salmon fishing guides at ProFish-n-Sea can take you where they are biting.

ProFish-n-Sea Charters' Seward, Alaska Salmon Fishing Season

King Salmon
Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
Peak Fair Good Peak Good Fair Fair Fair
Silver Salmon
Oncorhynchus kisutch
N/A N/A N/A Fair Peak Peak Fair N/A
Sockeye Salmon
Oncorhynchus nerka
N/A N/A Fair Fair Fair N/A N/A N/A
Pink Salmon *
Oncorhynchus gorbuscha
N/A N/A N/A Fair Peak Peak Good N/A
Chum Salmon
Oncorhynchus keta
N/A N/A Fair Good Good Fair N/A N/A



Fair Fair

Good Good

Peak Peak

Seward Silver Salmon Fishing

In the saltwater near Seward bright energetic silver salmon return each year by the tens of thousands. These fish feed aggressively and fight ferociously with quick darts, acrobatic leaps, and dazzling speed. Silver salmon fishing in Seward is the absolute highlight for many anglers on their Alaska fishing vacation. Experience the thrill of catching these hard fighting, acrobatic fish on light tackle, it's surely an experience you'll remember (and want to repeat).

During our Alaska salmon fishing trips targeting Silvers, anglers may also find themselves hooked into a mighty Chinook "King" Salmon or the more common Pink Salmon which also run at the same time. These smaller cousins (Pinks) provide a modest fight and are great to eat when pulled fresh from the ocean.

Seward Silver Salmon Derby

The Derby begins the second Saturday of August and runs through the following Sunday. Prizes abound with many tagged fish, and cash prizes for the largest fish in numerous categories. Hop on with ProFish-n-Sea Charters and don’t forget to buy your derby ticket as it might be your lucky day.

Visit the Seward Chamber of Commmercefor more information

Alaska King Salmon Fishing Trips

The true "big fish" of the salmon world is the Alaskan King Salmon, and if you’re like most fishermen, catching a king is an adventure you’ve dreamed of. King Salmon conjure up visions of hour-long fights and angry fish large enough to bust even the heartiest tackle. And there’s nowhere like Alaska to hunt this prize - the current state record stands at 97 pounds. ProFish-n-Sea Charters specializes in trolling the rocky coastlines in search of King Salmon. Here in the saltwater, we catch many "feeder" kings, ocean-cycle kings that are living the ocean portion of their life before they head in to spawn. Kings generally live 2 to 4 years in the ocean before returning to spawn. But we occasionally catch larger "spawner" kings too.

Seward Salmon Fishing Trips

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Seward, Alaska is one of the world's premier destinations for halibut fishing, where every trip is an adventure.

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