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Fish-on 2016

Now that 2 of the boats are in the water it’s time to go fishing! Capt. Keoni was out this weekend and found good halibut fishing with fish up to 35 pounds. We’re stoked for the season to begin!Alaskan halibut

September 2 – Profish

I haven’t been in the water for several days and hadn’t  even fished on the new Profish untll today. So it was a perfect day to take my kids, my dad, my cousin, and Capt. Jeff out for a day of halibut fishing. Fortunately we had great weather and great fishing! – Capt. Steve  


August 19 – Pursuit 

After taking the day off yesterday due to rough weather Glenn, Matt, and the Rev. had some “catching up” to do. It was no-holds-barred halibut and lingcod fishing with Megan reeling in the fish of the day.  


August 17 – Pursuit 

Today marked the return of the Rev after a ten-year hiatus! Fortunately Royce reeled in a nice halibut and lingcod before we had run from the weather to find a calmer spot.