New Boat for 2015

Construction is just beginning for our brand new vessel ProFish which will be in service for the 2015 season! This boat will replace the ProFish-n-Sea which has been the namesake of our company since it was built in 2000. The new boat will be very similar to the old – just a couple feet longer and 15 years newer! It is being constructed by Bay Welding in Homer. I just returned from taking my first look at construction today. The hull is shaping up nicely, the stringers are all welded in, and the fuel tank is being built as I post this. You can see from the photos that the transom has yet to be added (so they can get in and out easily while working on it) but that will be next followed by the deck. Then they will turn the hull over and “stitch up” the bottom. Check back for updates as construction progresses!
Boat Hull

Boat Hull 02

Boat Stringers